New Kids on the Block

This week “new Kid on the Block” is located in one of our favourite parts of our City.

Only Coffee is located in Village Walk in uShaka Marine World Village walk and was conceived by regular folk like you and I, with the with the idea of bringing the finest cup of coffee to their clients.

They set out to explore the extraordinary world of coffee and tried hundreds of coffee cups to find the perfect cup of coffee … It had to be an incomparable brew!

Their search came to an end when one of their coffee excursions led them Terbodore, and they knew they had found a brew that offered everything what they had been searching for!

A hidden gem that had needed to be brought into the light and showcased!

Having a passion for coffee and obsessed with consistency and with a deep-rooted culture of perfection, the Only Coffee team ensure that the greatest care goes into every stage of the process, from bean sourcing, preparation, and serving of their select coffee.

A constant drive for perfection runs deep in their DNA!

Patrons can Choose from our extensive variety of fine hot and cold coffee creations to discover a world of premium coffee.

Although the team have a passion for coffee, the journey has never about them, but rather the coffee, people the joy and comradery they have experienced on their quest.

Only Coffee support fair trade coffee and take an active role in helping to promote and grow the South African specialty coffee industry.

They love and are proud of what they do, contributing to the growth and sustainability of the community.

For the team at Only Coffee, a cup of coffee affords a chance to stop, relax, watch the world go by, and think…

Imagine sitting down with a friends, relaxing and and solving global problems over a quality cup of coffee (or three).

Perhaps we can change our world for the better…One delicious cup of coffee at a time.

This team is passionate about what they do…from humble beginnings, living their dream, and wanting to set an example and be aspirational for young baristas.

Believe and you can achieve!

They envisage Only Coffee being a place where young aspiring baristas come dome to learn the trade, hone their skills, and build their dreams.

An incubator for the coffee entrepreneurs of tomorrow!

  • Because great coffee doesn’t just happen.
  • It requires knowledge, passion, and patience.
  • Help make dreams come true!
  • Embrace their passion!
  • Support Local!
  • Make a difference!