Passionate about coffee

We’re just regular folks sharing the same passion for coffee and obsessed with consistency. But the journey is never about us. It’s always been about coffee, people and all acts of happiness we experienced and shared around this neighbourhood and everything in between.  On top of that, we’re more than just a coffee shop. We’re a fair trade coffee supporters aiming to take an active role in the ecosystem by helping to promote and grow South African specialty coffee industry. We love what we do and we’re proud at it. To us, this is our way to contribute to the community.

A cup of coffee represents a chance to stop, think, relax and watch the world for a while. Sitting down with a group of friends and solving global problems over a quality cup of coffee (or three) is surely one of the world’s favorite pastimes. So what if the act of purchasing and drinking coffee was solving major problems in itself? Start by one cup of coffee at a time.

Never imagine that we would have opened our own coffee shop this soon, but it’s been a long journey and struggle we guess. We believe the first step of appreciating coffee starts with the barista and they play an important role in advancing the coffee industry. That’s why they got to have skills and passion. Barista is a skilled profession and part of our mission at Only Coffee is to spread our passion for coffee, help and germinate new legions of great baristas and make them feel proud in what they do. So here we are entrepreneurs in struggle as we call ourselves who’s living our dream and doing what we love.

Here is our humble beginning. We’re living our passion, our dream. We wanted to set an example to all aspiring baristas out there to work hard and live their passion. We need more competent, professional and self-motivated baristas because great coffee doesn’t just happen; it requires knowledge and consideration of every aspect of the environment. We hope Only Coffee can be a place where new baristas can learn, exchange knowledge and help them in channeling their passion.

Our journey has just begun but we love that we’ve managed to do good while delivering a few of life’s great pleasures: a cup of excellent coffee, and a relaxing atmosphere. Who says crazy dreams don’t come true?